Tourist license number : TA-4-0026142.36

Cho Marcial

Cho Marcial

Duration: 8,5 Hours
Lenght: 14 km
Diffilculty: HIGH – HARD
Effort: HIGH
Maximum height: 2248m
Minimum height: 1142m
Elevation gain:1300m

Description of the activity:

18 of May we are going to visit in Corona Forestal Natural Park, the Cho Marcial peak (2020 m) and after we going to head to the direction of Teide National Park. To come back to the start point we going to use a very nice part of the Camino de Candelaria until the protected area of Pedro Gill.

The volcanic ridge of Pedro Gil, is one of the most significant reliefs in Canary Islands and Tenerife. It’s a massive volcanic formation with a roof, formed by an accumulation of cones and lava, following the basic structural guidelines of the island. One of the ridges it’s called Pico de Valle or Cho Marcial, a very visible element of the reliefs basically from the whole municipality.


Güimar- Pico Cho Marcial – La Crucita – Camino de Candelaria – Güimar

Recommended material:

Backpack (40L), technical T-shirt, mountain coat, long pants!!!, waterproof breathable jacket,  mountain boots!!!, one meal, water minimum 2,5-3 liter, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, camera, mobile, small first aid kit, medicine (in the case of special illnesses) to have some clean clothes for after the activity, etc.

Point A representing the start and finish.

In between A,B and C points is not an official trail.

Between A and B we going to cross a pinewood with strong slope (30 degrees). Slip hazard.

B and C rocky ground, 30-40 degrees of slope, danger of slippery ground.

C and D official trail of Teide National Park

D and E Camino de Candelaria, Pedro Gil

In between A and C (less than 5 kilometers) we have 1200 meter positive elevation on a slippery ground (mountain boots) and dense, spiky vegetation (long trekking pants needed). Also the big part of the track is exposed to direct sun (2-3liter of water, sunscreen, hat)


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