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Adventurer, Climber & Professional Mountain Leader

About us..

My name is Peter Almos and I’m a Mountain Leader, member of AEGM, and I’m a hobby rock climber for more than 20 years and active gardener, growing my food since 4 years.
The qualification as Mountain Leader I got it in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2021 June.

I’m Hungarian and I speak English, Spanish, Rumanian and a bit of German and I’m living since 2008 in the Canary Islands.

Visitors History

My guests and visitors come from almost all over the world.





Almos Tips & Tricks For Traveler's

  1. Plan ahead the trip and check the wheather.

For beginner hikers the most important to choose a good wheather day. If the wheather conditions are not preferable better to postpone the activity for another time because it can cause accidents or just simply instead of enjoying the trip the whole stuff can become like a nightmare.

Avoid the hot  hours is better to start the trip earlie in the morning.

My Upcoming Trips

The following tours are available:

Sana Senda
CHO Marcial

Sana Senda
Teide by Night

Sana Senda

Endemic Plants of Arafo

My Highlights

In our next video, we will explore the landscapes we are in and how much fun we feel!

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Almos Top 5 Trip to Tenerife

1. National Park of el Teide

Looking on the island of Tenerife, the most attractive point would be the highest peak, El Teide at 3718 meter above the sea level. The view from the top is leaving us breathless, epecially if we manage to get there at sunrise or sunset, because of the the yellow and orange lights and the famous triangle shape shade of the vulcano, laying on the ocean for about 200 km………

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During our tours we have a wonderful sight, which unfortunately the photok cannot give back!