Safety Norms

Safety Norms

In relation with COVID-19, we please you to follow the actual regulations in force.

For this kind of activity is important to have a good physical condition, to practice cardiovascular exercises regularly in the gym or trekking/jogging/ biking often outdoors.

Maintain the walking speed appropriate to the environment.

Do not get separated from the group.

Follow the Guides indications at every time.

It’s recommended to have your own basic first aid kit.

Don’t leave rubbish after yourself.

Respect the natural environment.

Just to remember you in the case of any meteorological alert we cancel the activity.

Check the weather forecast before prepare your backpack, to pick the necessary material, water or food quantity.

Potential risks during this activity: bee bites, slips or falls from high.

Transport: Not included.

This trip is not recommended for people afraid of heights.