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My name is Peter Almos and I’m a Mountain Leader, member of AEGM, and I’m a hobby rock climber for more than 20 years and active gardener, growing my food since 4 years. The qualification as Mountain Leader I got it in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2021 June.

I’m Hungarian and I speak English, Spanish, Rumanian and a bit of German and I’m living since 2008 in the Canary Islands.

In Spain the AEGM (Spanish Mountain Guides Association) is the association who is recognizing the qualifications. On their web page ( is possible to check the list of the official Guides.

“A Mountain Guide is a specially trained and experienced professional mountaineer who is certified by local authorities or mountain guide associations. They are considered to be high-level experts in mountaineering, and are hired to instruct or lead individuals or small groups who require this advanced expertise. “Source- Wikipedia

Mountain Leader: “This qualification is equivalent to a sports technician in mid – mountain terrain from the educational system and it includes these areas of competence:

  • Lead individual clients or groups in mid – mountain terrain. Glaciers and terrain that require the skills and gear needed in alpine, climbing, skiing or canyoning activities are specifically excluded.
  • Lead individual clients or groups with snowshoes along Nordic snowy terrain.
  • Basic teaching and training of this discipline for athletes and teams. “Source AEGM  (Spanish Mountain Guides Association)

To be a Mountain Leader, first of all is required a long career as an amateur sports man, for a fit body and to have ideas about how to avoid or treat sport injuries, to practice all kind of mountain sports, to have gathered enough experience to face the official  Mountain Leader training successfully. It takes in Spain 1260 hours, divided in 2 courses (TDI and TDII) with many theoretical and practical exams like: human anatomy, first aid, meteorology, nivology, cartography, orientation and sleeping outdoors (bivouac) in different conditions, etc. At the end the Mountain Leader is a mountaineer, who was formed and trained to be professional.

I will be happy to guide you on easy routes or difficult trails. We can spend some hours or days together, hike up to the peak of El Teide (3718 m) or get down to the beach, or even design a special customized trail for you like, from the beach to the top, the famous 04 route (the 0 representing the start which is at sea level, at 0 meter and 4 because our goal is to reach the top of the island in a nearly 4000 meter positive desnivel hike ).

I’m working with reduced number groups, maximum 20 person for a short easy route and in average of 10 people for longer trips. My goal is to create interactive atmosphere for the group, where security is a priority but also joking or share opinions, experiences about different topics:

#Drink fresh/alive water, #Self-sufficient, #Grow you’re food, #Grow you’re wine, #Gastronomy, #Preserve nature, #Biodiversity, #Medicinal plants ,#Endemic plants,  #Hare Krishna, #Tarot, #God plus what you consider.